Fur and Leather Repairs and Alterations.

Do you repair leathers and shearlings?
Yes! We repair rips, open seams and worn spots or edges.

Do you repair furs?
Yes! We repair rips, open seams, and replace worn fur and linings. When you bring in your coats we will give a free evaluation on what needs to be repaired. Making minor repairs will add to the life of your fur. Missing hooks and rings, frayed pockets, worn or loose linings can be taken care of at a minimal cost before they become major problems.

Do you do fur alterations and restyling?
Yes! What designer Daniel Antonovich and his craftsmen can do for you!

1 - Arm-holes and sleeves.
Enlarge the arm-hole and create a roomier, more current, fashionable sleeve. Or add to your sleeves an updated bracelet cuff or turnback cuffs. You get the comfort and the look of today's fashion.

2 - Accessorize. Add a detachable hood, a muff, or a designer button to your present coat. Be wrapped in a fur fling or belt (or a half-belt to give your garment a sportive or casual look). Enhance your coat with a fur headband. It's amazing what a big change a little detail can make.
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3 - Length. Our master craftsman can add three to five inches to the length of almost any coat without taking the whole coat apart or adding an obvious border. Or, we can shorten your coat to the 7/8 (above the knee) length and add swing.

4 - Remodel. Our design team can help you to achieve a contemporary, functional style to recycle your old fur into a Daniel Antonovich original.

5 - Something new. Transform your coat into a recreational, fun, zippered bombardier jacket, a sporty pea jacket or and ever-practical fur vest.

6 - Conversion. Shear your fur garment as a light-weight fur liner in your favorite cloth coat, or choose one from the Antonovich Designer Cloth Coat Collection.

Points of Information

Our specialty has been to eliminate the broad, bulky, oversize look of yesteryear - padded shoulders are obsolete. We will create a new, natural shoulder line with a more slender, lean svelte design, updating your garment for the next decade.

Some furs are in excellent condition and can be worn for years to come, but they need to be updated in style or enlarged or reduced in size and length. Antonovich Furs offers remodeling services at affordable prices.

A little know-how can go a long way to bring a fur coat up to current fashions and maintain your investment at a modest cost. Antonovich workrooms can work wonders. Alterations consist of shortening or lengthening the fur hems and sleeves. We can also move hook and eyes (fasteners), close button holes, repair tears and pockets.

Because of the excess amount of sewing involved when making a fur, small openings may appear in the seams of the fur from time to time. This is normal. There is no problem repairing these openings when they are in the seams. Quality furs, especially, have many seams. Because of this several small openings may be present in any number of seams. We can easily repair these openings for you as well.

Antonovich offers a yearly Fur Care Plan with All-risk Insurance covering modest repairs.
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